Many varied and inspirational workshops, mini-workshops and informal sweatshops are offered throughout the year to Guild members, allowing the membership to participate in hands-on classes for design, color, techniques, application, and many other topics.

More Than Just Black and White:
Weaving Beautifully with Neutrals

Betty Vera Workshop
May 18 to 20, 2018

Black, white, grays, browns, and beiges are anything but neutral when used skillfully—providing design effects ranging from intense drama to a so mood. Neutrals also emphasize texture and set o other colors beau fully. This class concentrates on combining light and dark tones using warm and cool neutrals, exploring the textural range of different yarns and weaves, and enhancing the graphic potential of woven design. Each warp is threaded differently so that everyone can weave round robin and take home a notebook with swatches of each fabric woven in class. Participants receive warping and threading instructions in advance so they can arrive ready to weave; they also bring their personal weaving tools and a few we yarns.